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our story - Stylish, luxurious and affordable products with an ethical heart.

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Thanks for dropping by to find out more about us. At Belleetik you will find beautiful clothes for grown up girls, with some underwear for the boys. We plan to expand our offering as time goes by, so please keep tuning in.

Our clothes range from timeless classics to quirky eye catchers to organic cotton basics. Alongside design, value for money & affordability are important to us. Our styles are quite simple and designed to be accessorised. We hope that you will love wearing your finds from Belleetik over and over again for many a year.

We search far and wide for interesting items that you don't find elsewhere and like to know the stories behind what we sell - about the designers & inspiration, the quality, fabrics and fit, and the people making the clothes.

Many of our suppliers link directly with producers around the world, working on a Fair trade basis - developing long-term partnerships, good working conditions, advance payments and providing technical assistance and training.

When you shop at you are supporting small scale, independent designers & producers; artisan skills, ancient crafts, natural fabrics and as sustainable production and working practises.

About Us

We are a very small team with big dreams, based in Cory city, South of Ireland. We are genuinely nice people and always up for a chat, email. We get a lot of lovely and very much appreciated feedback from our customers all around the world, which keeps up trundling forward.

Belleetik was set up by me, Carol Doyle in 2008, as I was tired and gradually growing depressed by shopping & not knowing what was behind the label. I had also worked for the Fairtrade Label and seen firsthand the obvious need for and hugely positive benefits that fair trade brings to individuals and their wider communities.

Since 2006 I have been on a personal mission to seek out fairtrade clothing and know more about the clothes I wear everyday, I have discovered the pure pleasure in wearing cotton, cashmere, linen, silk - all natural fabrics, with heating and cooling properties. Not only do you look good but your clothes are comfortable, keeping you warm when it's chilly and cool when it's sizing. Not to mention the inspiration people who are determined to produce beautiful clothing, ethically.

Fairtrade is about dignity, respect, fairness, sustainability. When applied to clothing it is pure luxury. I have to admit to becoming even more of a diva in the past few years.