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About Our Size Chart

belleEtik Mannequinn After much discussion & deliberation at Belleetik, we are getting off the fence and pinning our size chart to the wall. Clothes sizing can be so complex that it has taken us some time at belleetik to commit to a size chart. There are no internationally agreed size charts. Our in house review of the size charts from a number of retailers revealed significant variations in measurements between sizes. Having discovered a proposed European standard for clothes sizing, we have decided to base our sizes on this. This standard EN13402 is not implemented but it corresponds to the sizes in Marks & Spencers (excl Per Una) and to H&M.

We have re-measured a lot of items in the shop and categorised them according to the above size chart with the intention to make your life easier. Our measurements are based on the flat garment and give a good indication of the size. However this is just a guide and does not affect your right to return garments that do not fit. We are always interested in your comments & ideas and if you have any questions about size & fit, please contact us.